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Q: What is a Webmaster?
A: A Webmaster traditionally has been a person knowledgeable in all aspects of site creation and implementation. At this point the term really means absolutely nothing, as there are no guidelines for definition. Many people who have created only one site, using software that requires no knowledge of programming call themselves "Webmaster". Don't be taken in by the term.
Q: Why do I need a graphic designer?
A: A graphic designer knows how to display information in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way. We see many sites built by developers with vast technical knowledge, but little or no sense of design or graphic skills.
Q: How does experience benefit me?
A: Getting the work done right the first time, on time, and on budget.
Q: Is it expensive?
A: At Deep Logic, we have built sites ranging from $200 to $15,000. I talk to customers all the time that spend large amounts of money every year on printed brochures that are quickly outdated. A web site offers the ability to display nearly unlimited amounts of information in full color with the ability to updated information in an instant. Considering that many of the sites we build are under $1000, I think you'll find it to be the most efficient use of you advertising dollar.
Q: What about "package deals"?
A: You'll find a lot of design services offering sites as pre-made templates and package deals. A 5 page site for $300, 500 words of text and 6 pictures for $250 etc. A good site designer will build a truly custom site around your information, not try to cram your information into a template used by twenty other customers.
Q: What should I look for in a site designer?
A: Experience.
Q: What does the designer actually do?
A: The designer organizes the text and imagery in combination with graphic elements and color schemes to accurately represent your business and style. The designer also prepares photographic and/or graphic elements for proper function on the web. The pages are then written in HTML (hypertext markup language), to be displayed on the Internet.
Q: What about animation and music?
A: Animation and music have seldom been worth the trade off in download time, although new technologies are making it more feasible than in the past. I generally don't use it unless it really has a purpose, or otherwise enhances your message.
Q: What about site maintenance?
A: In most cases we provide any maintenance or updating for our clients. Contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or postal mail with your changes, and in most cases minor edits are done within minutes. Deep Logic also provides maintenance services for customers whose sites are built and/or hosted elsewhere.
Q: Should I just look for the best price?
A: The web design business is a competitive one. There are many newcomers to the business that will quote very low prices, but may not have the necessary experience. As with most things in life, the least expensive is rarely the best quality. Many of the sites we build are actually rebuilds of sites that were poorly constructed the first time. Look for experience.